Buddy was rescued several years ago, around 2006.  He was very hyper and "talkative" which scared many people.  Buddy has been successfully retrained and is a calm, well-behaved senior citizen.  Buddy moved from the bay area to Gardnverville, NV, in 2007.  Since then, he is the protector of our 20 acres: 14 chickens, 4 dogs and 6 horses.  Buddy warns us if the bear is on our property or if a coyote is threatening our chickens. He is a very busy dog!  In his spare time he chases rabbits and squirrels, but never seems to catch them.  He sleeps inside at night and is sore much of the time from all of his duties and fun activities. For rest, Buddy gets to travel with his owners to horse events and camping trips. He is a great traveler and wonderful companion, and gets along with many different breeds of dogs, including my daughter's Yorkie.

We love our Buddy boy and cherish all of our days with him!

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