Adopting families are required to complete an Adoption Application Form.  We require that you send us a printed copy of the completed form with your signature.  If you are interested, please go to the Rescue FAQ link and read about the adoption process, then download the PDF Acrobat version of the application.  The family profile is used to match the needs and requirements of a rescue animal with those of the candidate family.  The dog’s needs are a priority in this process, as our goal is to bring stability, safety and love to a dog who may have had a troubled beginning.  All rescue dogs must be neutered upon adoption.  If shot records are unavailable, all rescue dogs must be given appropriate vaccinations and would need a complete medical exam.  The adopting families are responsible for the veterinary fees.

To understand if a Bernese Mountain Dog is right for you, please check out the Berner Home Page and the BMDCA Info Series.  Please don’t purchase or rescue a dog that isn’t right for your lifestyle.  They are not disposable objects.  They are living, breathing animals who have hearts that break.  


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